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Sales Professionals Annual Awards

Purpose of the Awards

These annual awards have been established to give recognition to Sales Professionals Club members across the nation for outstanding sales performance or for Outstanding service rendered to the Sales Pros organization.

Sales Award

established 1968

Though it is understood that personal selling is used in all businesses and Professions, this award recognizes those members who derive the major Portion of their income from selling.


Sales Manager Award

established 1985

This award recognizes those members who are managers of a sales force And who provide training and advancement opportunities.


Booster Award

established 1968

This award recognizes those members who serve the Sales Pro organization actively at Club, Area, District or National levels. It is not required that nominees be active in selling.


Club Service Award

established 1980

This award recognizes those who are "extra mile" members in service to their own Sales Pro Club and who are considered to be the "backbone" of their Club.


Rookie Award

established 1993

This award recognizes a new Club member with 6 to 18 months of paid up membership, excellent attendance, career professionalism, and an active Club participant.


Entrepreneur Award

This award recognizes those members who have a record of success and growth over a period of the past five years. This award recognizes those members who derive the major portion of their income from this owner-operated business.


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