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If you are a current or past member of Sales Professionals USA living in an area where there is not a club that is convenient to you, or if you are interested in starting a new club in your area, the following information will get you started.

  • Talk over the possibility of starting a new Sales Professionals club in your area with prospective members. When you have 5 or more interested members, contact Sales Professionals USA National President for help in starting a new club.
  • If permission for a new club is granted, form an ad-hoc committee to investigate a location and prospective members for the club.
  • Hold an organizational meeting to elect temporary officers and appoint a temporary program chairperson.
  • Submit a brief new club proposal to the Sales Professionals USA National President for the National Board of Directors to review.
  • If approved, establish a meeting location, budget amount for dues, and form a Board of Directors for the new club.
  • Begin holding meetings. National will send you a new club package with forms, etc. and a set of model by-laws.
  • Recruit charter members. You will need 25 members before a club can apply for a charter.
  • Submit the charter application to the Sales Professionals National President along with the information requested and a check for $200.00 for the new club charter fee.
  • Advertise your initial meeting widely throughout your entire community.
  • Prepare to adopt the club bylaws and follow the operational manual for newly elected club officers. Be sure to elect and install the official club officers.
  • Select a very enthusiastic, organized, and dedicated member to fill the crucial role of V.P. of Programs.
  • Good Luck. You will receive continuing support from your National Board of Directors and other Sales Professionals Clubs.

For information: Contact Peter Brissette at 303-578-2020.

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